Cookabilities Class Descriptions

Cooking 101

Kids learn the beginner basics of cooking in a fun, safe, hands-on kitchen experience. We start their introduction into the world of cooking with an explanation of kitchen 'best practices' for sanitation, safety and working with equipment. We also cover kitchen terminology and technique along the way as we make a recipe from scratch and enjoy our labors!

Global Warming
(6 to 8 week course)

In this class kids explore ethnic foods and the culture that surrounds them, one week at a time. Each week we explore the foods and fun of cooking traditional recipes. We include South American, Greek, French, Pan-Asian, Caribbean, and Italian in the 6 week course and add Middle Eastern and British foods in the 8 week course

Mama Mia! Italian Cooking

Kids learn the Italian's knack for creating great savory dishes that many Americans regard as traditional family favorites. Beyond those brought to us by Betty Crocker, we’ll explore sauces like Pesto and Alfredo, learn to make stuffed pastas like ravioli or baked shells without leaving out good ol’ s’getti and meatballs.

Better Fast Foods

In this class we take faves like burgers, chicken tenders, fries and the other easy to grab but hard to feel good about foods that your kiddos crave and teach them how to make most anything in a healthier way. What's not to like about that!

Soup's On!

Young cooks can go wild after learning the basics of creating a delicious starter soup base that they can take in any direction they crave. Whether it's Alphabet (a natural) or Nouveau Broccoli and Cheese cleaning out the frig was never more fun or satisfying!

Tackle the Tortilla
Mexican Cooking

The kids will learn the infinite Mexican dishes that can be made when you start with a tortilla. Just add all of the traditional and essential Mexican ingredients and your ready for anything from quesadillas and enchiladas to flautas and chalupas. But first we learn to make our tortillas homemade! This is the class for the most inventive cook!

Fondue - U

Cheese and chocolate...oh my! We explore fondue possibilities from savory to sweet, for fondue fun - because everything tastes amazing dipped in cheese or chocolate! This class is especially fun for parents too…those who still recall the groovy days of fondue block parties that their parents used to host.

This Is How We Roll Sushi!

Kids will learn a nori from a tori and a miso from a hocho in no time! If you can roll a rolling pin you can roll sushi – let us teach you how. We cover familiar favorite sushis like the California and tuna rolls and then finish the lesson with a dessert sushi any kid would love.

Take a Hike
Trail Snacks

Before you go wandering about, you need make sure you're outfitted with the best homemade trail grub that'll keep you going and we're here to teach you how. We make our own creation of awesome granola and homemade Payday Bars - the good kind!

Home On the Range
Campsite Cooking

In this class even the youngest campers discover inventive dishes that are especially easy to cook in foil or on a stick. We also share our best camping tips and tricks for enjoying the great beyond with fun and ease. Any kid’ll tell you, everything’s better when you get to watch it cook on the end of a stick!

Won Ton of Fun
Asian Cooking

Confucios say “Asian cooking is easy"…and so do we. We'll cover how to make eggrolls, pot stickers and more with your favorite asian ingredients

The Good Egg

We’ll definitely break a few eggs as we explore a few of the many dishes we make with this essential ingredient. Few ingredients in cooking are as versatile as well as pivotal in the success of a dish as well as a great introduction to easy meals for new cooks. We spend this class exploring many of the possibilities, from the classic Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce to the fusion-fun that happens when you create your own Frittata.

Sweet Things

Valentines is just around the corner so we’re thinking of sweets! In this class we start with a pound cake to take it three directions – a ganache covered heart cake, an impressive berry trifle and an easy chocolate fondue! Kiddos come explore how we can take a prepared cake, have some fun taking it in different directions and leave with gifts to take home to their valentine!

Chinese New Year

2007 is the Year of the Pig! We’ll give Porky a reprieve this year and explore the symbolism and traditions as we create our own banquet with choices that will bring us prosperity and good fortune in the coming year. We’ll teach how to make a simple but elegant soup, an easy stir-fry for vegetarians and meat lovers alike, and end with folding our very own fortune cookies.

Mardi Gras

Come celebrate this crazy time of year when “baking the baby” is an accepted and even celebrated tradition! We’ll teach kiddos to make a New Orleans favorite shrimp and sausage jambalaya, show that a roux is not just Winnie the Pooh’s friend, and finish with an easy but impressive Bread Pudding.