I moved to Austin in 1983 and started my work with children shortly thereafter. That was the beginning of 20 plus years of working with children or on their behalf. Throughout my teaching years I also worked in the always peculiar, restaurant world of Austin. So Cookabilities really is a marriage of sorts of those two worlds, combining my love for hosting folks around food and whiling my time away in the presence of kiddos.

I do love the company of children. My true belief is that to work successfully with children you must always respect who they are, recognize where and when there is opportunity for growth and learning and always participate alongside them, and even a step or two behind them to let independence and self-reliance unfold and thrive.

My family is my everything . I am the mother of a twelve year old daughter who makes me a better person on a daily basis. In looking back, raising my daughter has been (and continues to be) a very necessary growth process that this UT Child Development grad really needed to bring her into the fold of those who know the ‘real' reality of living with and raising children. What an honor it has been.

Kate Caswell

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